Awich / 世界に向けてアプローチする身近な作り手の同じスタンス

Awich / 世界に向けてアプローチする身近な作り手の同じスタンス
QUSSIO on HER / Awich
- 世界に向けてアプローチする身近な作り手の同じスタンス - 
- English below -
- Awich Instagram 2017.10 
  - Awich Gangsta PV
- Awich「孔雀」Release Live
with QUSSIO custom made Suits
-Awich &  NENE(Sophiee)from ゆるふわギャング
 -Ollie Oct.2017 ストリートらしさで選びたい 繋がる、モノと人 特集-
- A tale between two familiar creative perspectives approaching the world. -

If both fashion and music have the same perspective,
they will link and resonate organically.

From Awich's hometown Okinawa, as part of the member of YENTOWN,
Awich has a distinctive appearance/style in the scenes of Tokyo, Japan, and
is highly respected as the "goddess."

Awich and Chinami, the designer of QUSSIO, have a strong bond since the beginning they first met.

As an artist/singer and fashion designer, both had ambitions to go
worldwide and beyond.
From the first time they met, they got along from the get-go.

Starting to pick up momentum, Awich gradually grew her audience in
Japan in 2017, and coincidentally, QUSSIO globally entered in the Hong
Kong and China regions.
Awich mentioned the relationship and connection during her interview
in a magazine.
(Ollie Oct.2017 - FEATURE. Connection between products and consumer.)

From then on, Awich has grown and expresses her character connecting
with the brand during her promotional videos, as well as personal
style offset.

The reason for QUSSIO connection between Awich is due to the
understanding of each other and the strength, love/affection,
femininity and sophisticated looks date back with her life experiences
may be due to the deep resonance and organic growth.

The personality of QUSSIO suits Awich's style without being enforced.

Regardless of the current situation, both Awich and QUSSIO constantly
aims beyond anyone's expectations and will always be a work in
progress. Keep an eye out.

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